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Tyn y Berllan


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We’ll be back soon

The winter 2023/24 season has come to an end

The store will reopen late July for the 2024/25 season. In the meantime, feel free to browse our prospective collection, although the full list of varieties will be confirmed in July. If you have any queries, or are looking for suggestions as to what to plant next year, do get in touch.

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About us

Welsh graftwood

All of our trees are grafted using scion wood sourced from orchards in Wales.

Family Business

Tyn y Berllan represents the unfolding dream of running a small-scale, off-grid fruit tree nursery.

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Community Driven

See us at the beautiful Paramaethu Cymru Annual Gathering.

Featured Collections

Our Fruit Tree varieties

Our Dream

Tyn y Berllan

Tyn y Berllan represents the unfolding dream of Nicky and Gareth of running a small-scale, off-grid fruit tree nursery and cider-making business based in Wales.

We have decided to take a leap of faith and embrace ambivalence by offering up our story, establishing an online presence through which we hope to share our vision for small-scale agriculture, natural cider, Welsh heritage fruit trees, and making a living from the land.


Ordering your trees

Our website opens for orders for the upcoming winter season from July. We stop taking orders in mid-March when the bare root season comes to an end.

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A rootstock is the root system of any given tree. They’re used for tree propagation and determine the eventual size of the tree. They’re also instrumental in helping the tree cope with different soil types – for example wetter or drier conditions or soil that is of poor quality - to promote disease resistance and to ensure compatibility with weather variations at the orchard’s location, such as cold winters.

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Apple and pear trees need to be pollinated to bear fruit. For cross pollination to occur, two trees of different varieties need to be in flower at the same time so that insects can transport pollen from one tree to the other.

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Planting your new Welsh fruit trees

Here at the Welsh fruit tree nursery, it often feels akin to child rearing. Daily we care and nurture, worry and cajole the trees, helping them to sustain life at the early stages. Providing them with the best start in their lives, whether in your garden, orchard or farm is paramount.

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Grown in Wales

Welsh Heritage Trees

All of our trees are grafted using scion wood sourced from orchards in Wales, with many of the varieties we stock of historical interest to the region. It's estimated that up to 95% of traditional orchards in Wales and England have been lost since 1900. We hope you join us in reversing that trend.

News and Events

Our Journal

Alban Eilir 2024 - Season's End

Alban Eilir 2024 - Season's End

With Alban Eilir already behind us, the winter months known in Wales as amser gwylad have at last transitioned into those of spring. The forces of light and darkness, although balanced at this time...

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Year's End 2023

Year's End 2023

As another year draws to its close, here at Tyn y Berllan we’re reflecting both on how far we’ve come… and how far we’ve yet still to go.

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Samhain 2023

Samhain 2023

Dymuniadau cynnes yma Nos Galan Gaeaf!

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