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Tyn y Berllan represents the unfolding dream of Nicky and Gareth of running a small-scale, off-grid fruit tree nursery and cider-making business based in Wales.

Despite not yet having found the land upon which to build this dream, we have decided to take a leap of faith and embrace ambivalence by offering up our story, establishing an online presence through which we hope to share our vision for small-scale agriculture, natural cider, Welsh heritage fruit trees, and making a living from the land.


Our online shop currently stocks over one hundred and fifty different varieties of apple and pear trees, including eaters, cider, perry, cooking apple varietiesand crab apple trees for sale, many of them with Welsh heritage of historical interest to the region. They are all grafted by us using scion wood sourced from Welsh orchards and grown without the use of artificial chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

We have also grafted trees to become the basis for our own orchard for future cider making, together with a museum orchard of Welsh heritage varieties and mother-trees so that we can become self-sufficient in scion wood moving forward. We hope eventually to become a resource for other orchards in order to preserve some of our traditional heritage varieties for future generations.

Tyn y Berllan translates from the Welsh as something akin to ‘The Orchard Homestead’, ‘tyn’ being a variation with long historic provenance of the word ‘tyddyn’, traditionally a smallholding/building(s) with a bit of land. It is hoped that before too long it will come to signify our own little patch of land upon which we can build a home and future for ourselves.

We also continue to explore natural cider making, using 100% fresh pressed apples with indigenous yeasts and no additives.

You can contact us here.