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Ordering and delivery information

FOR WINTER 2024-2025

Our apple and pear trees are available for delivery as bare rooted plants only when they are dormant and have dropped their leaves during the winter planting season, which runs from early December to late March.

This is the period you will receive your trees, even if ordered in the summer months.

Our website opens for orders for the upcoming winter season from July. We stop taking orders in mid-March when the bare root season comes to an end.

Ordering early in the year ensures you will receive your trees at the earliest opportunity once we start processing orders in the winter. The time between lifting the tree and dispatch is kept to a minimum to keep the trees in peak condition.

From mid-November onwards you will receive an email from us 2-3 weeks prior to delivery providing you with a delivery week. You will then receive an email from us on the day of dispatch along with tracking information. Once dispatched orders usually arrive the next day.

Where possible we use compostable materials for packaging. The tree roots will be kept damp in compostable bags and packed with straw and wrapped in corrugated cardboard for protection. We can include up to around 10-15 trees in a single parcel.

Open and remove the outer layer of cardboard packaging, leaving the tree roots in the bag. Keeping the bag in place around the tree roots, then store in a cool place. A barn/shed or garage is ideal. They will keep like this for up to a week if you are not ready to plant immediately.
If you need to store the trees for longer than this before planting out, you will need to remove the trees from the bag and 'heel-in' the trees. This means digging a trench in your garden and completely covering the roots with either soil, woodchip, compost or sand to stop them drying out. The trees can remain bundled together whilst heeled in and can remain like this until you are ready to plant out.

The trees will need to be planted by the end of March at the latest.



  • Purchase trees directly from our online shop (trees will be listed in July 2024)
  • Email or phone us - 07816644963 - for further information and help with choosing

Please contact us in good time as we do run out of popular varieties. Whether you're planning on planting a single tree or acres of orchard, we can help you to select a range of eaters, cider, perry, crab, Welsh and/or cooking apple varieties that will be well suited to your location and personal requirements.

Please bear in mind that we are small-scale tree sellers, so if you require a large number of any one variety, or a specific selection of varieties, it is advisable to get your order in well before the bare root lifting season.



Apples (M116, MM106, M25 rootstock)

  • One year old: £20 each
  • Two year old: £24 each 

Pears (Pyrus rootstock)

  • One year old: £20 each

Click for further information on the different rootstock sizes and help choosing.



All prices shown exclude delivery. Delivery is charged at the flat rate of £15.00.

The delivery costs are shown in your Shopping Cart when placing your order.

We can only ship to addresses in England, Wales and Scotland.