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Welsh Cider

Apple tree nursery for Welsh cider

The intention behind us setting up Tyn y Berllan was to start a small-scale, off-grid natural cider making business, alongside our apple tree nursery, with all of our artisan ciders made from 100% fresh pressed apples with indigenous yeasts and no additives, all harvested from Welsh fruit trees in our own orchard.

In order to achieve this, we obviously required a few things. Firstly, and most crucially, the land upon which to plant said orchard. Secondly, the orchard itself. Thirdly, the premises and equipment required to actually make cider. Oh, and some knowledge of cider pressing  would probably help!

Some of this has proven trickier to obtain than others. We do have our cider orchard, all grafted from scion wood sourced in Wales and ready to plant out. We have the necessary equipment, including the beautiful old Normandy basket press pictured above. We continue to explore cider making, and the feedback we’ve received so far for the ciders we’ve made has been pleasingly positive.

On the other hand, land hasn’t been quite so easy to find. Given that it has to serve dual purpose as the location for our intended home as well as home for our business, locating that perfect piece of the Welsh countryside that best suits our needs is as yet elusive. It follows from this that premises within which to produce our cider – at least commercially - is also on hold.

As a consequence, it probably goes without saying that Tyn y Berllan’s cider making venture is some ways away yet. We’ve decided to include this information here as our intention is very much to start up our cidery just as soon as we are able. We will, of course, endeavour to keep you informed, so do please sign up to our email list so that we can keep you in the loop.