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Learn how to plant, polinate and care for your trees

Here at the Welsh fruit treenursery, it often feels akin to child rearing. Daily we care and nurture, worry and cajole the trees, helping them to sustain life at the early stages. Providing them with the best start in their lives, whether in your garden, orchard or farm is paramount.

Choosing Rootstock

A rootstock is the root system of any given tree. They’re used for tree propagation and determine the eventual size of the tree.



Apple and pear treesneed to be pollinated to bear fruit. For cross pollination to occur, two trees of different varieties need to be in flower at the same time so that insects can transport pollen from one tree to the other.


Planting out

Some regard the planting of any tree a sacred act and it’s certainly an act that will benefit not just ourselves and our environment but hopefully future generations. There is currently a pear tree growing at Llanvetherine Court, Monmouthshire, studied by the Monmouthshire ancient tree identifiers and believed to be one of the oldest and largest possibly in Europe.


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